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About Mooshie

Hello there, this is Mooshie.

It was a cold frigid winter night and I was scavenging for food in a back alley when my humans tricked me with some tuna in a trap, and long story short, they rescued me to give me the life I have now. Boy, was that my lucky day!

I now live happily with my 2 rescued furry brothers and a furry sister. I had one more brother, Fufu, but sadly he got his angel wings in October 2020 and is in kitty heaven. I think about him all the time. He was my best buddy.

Well, going back to me, since this is all about MEow. I am always the first in line during mealtime and I (purposely) ‘meow’ the loudest to get the most attention. My humans think I was a dog in my previous life because I love to play with dog toys, fetch, take walks on a leash and I love to socialize. I also watch some TV.

My big purrrsonality inspired my humans to create Mooshiepets.com. It’s a happy place for all pet parents to shop for the coolest eco-friendly toys, healthiest treats, natural and organic supplements and grooming products.

It’s true what the sign at the vet’s office says: ‘Cats are like potato chips, you can’t just have one’. I do wish sometimes I were the only ‘potato chip’!?

Meow meow!


CMO (Chief Meow Officer)