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Son of a Sailor Natural Leather Hand Painted WILLIS Dog Collar – Bright Orange and Seafoam

By Son of a Sailor


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Son of a Sailor Willis Dog Collar brings colorful personality to a classic leather design for your pet. Natural leather collar features 5 holes for the perfect fit. Finished with brass hardware and hand painted color blocks.

The Willis and Eastwood line is made from natural leather and will hold up to rough and tumble wear exceptionally well.

While the line is designed to fit a wide range of dog breeds and sizes, please take care if your dog is a known puller. The Willis & Eastwood line may not be able to contend with a squirrel chaser with the strength of 6 men and the determination to match.


Made in USA

  • Small 1/2" x 16"
  • Medium 3/4in x 20in
  • Large 1" x 24"
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Leather and brass will patina with time and exposure to the elements. While we strive to produce heritage pieces, if your dogs are anything like ours, leather and brass will darken after a couple of rolls in the mud. Our leather items are painted with tough-wearing leather paint, and hold up to rough and tumble wear exceptionally well. Featuring a wax seal, spot clean with a damp cloth.


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