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Four Leaf Rover SAFE-SEA Green Lipped Mussel Oil for Dogs

By Four Leaf Rover

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  • Four Leaf Rover SAFE-SEA Green Lipped Mussel Oil for Dogs is a premium blend of 3 pure, sustainable ingredients with no fillers and no heat processing.
  • An ocean-friendly source of omega-3 fatty acids with 100% pure and natural ingredients.
  • GREEN LIPPED MUSSEL OIL: While fish, krill and squid oil only supply EPA and DHA omega fats, Green Lipped Mussel is more complete. It’s the world’s richest source of ETA, an omega-3 fat that’s well researched for its anti-inflammatory properties, plus other immune supporting fatty acids.
  • AHIFLOWER: Forget about hemp! Ahiflower contains 60% more GLA, the anti-inflammatory omega-6 fat. Plus it contains 10x more SDA … a precursor to both ETA and EPA, two important anti-inflammatory fats. The Ahiflower is non-GMO and grown in the UK and Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  • ASTAXANTHIN: The Astaxanthin in SAFE-SEA is 100% sustainable and natural, never synthetic. Its unique molecular structure makes Astaxanthin the “King Of Antioxidants.” Astaxanthin is 500 times stronger than vitamin E and 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C.
  • To get the same complete supply of anti-inflammatory fats, you would need to give your dog both a marine oil and a plant oil such as hemp, camelina or flax. SAFE-SEA combines both oils to give you an affordable and premium oil.
  • Bottle size: 4.5″
  • 3.8 fl oz
  • Made in USA
Weight .875 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 3 × 5 in
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Grain-Free, GMO-Free, Wheat-Free

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Puppy, Adult, Senior

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Active Ingredient 3/4 Teaspoon (3.75ml):

  • Ahiflower® (Buglossoides arvensis) Seed Oil:  2.3 g (Sustainably grown in the UK and Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is non-GMO).
    • SDA: 480.5 mg
    • GLA: 133.4 mg
  • Green Lipped Mussel Oil:  50 mg (Grown and sourced from New Zealand)
  • Astareal® Astaxanthin: 1.1 mg (Natural astaxanthin sourced from microalgae and produced in Sweden)

Inactive Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Farmed fish is fed soy and corn, which adds unhealthy omega-6 fats like linoleic acid. Wild caught fish and squid aren’t sustainable … 25 tonnes of wild fish are harvested for oil and fertilizer each year. And harvesting krill oil robs declining populations of whales and sea animals of their food source.

Green Lipped Mussel is sustainably farmed in the pristine, nutrient-rich waters of New Zealand. Four Leaf Rover Mussels mussels grow on ropes and absorb the phytoplankton from the water. Since phyoplankton grows from sunshine, our mussels don’t compete for food with other marine animals … and controlling phytoplankton controls algae blooms.



Green Lipped Mussel Oil contains 30 fatty acids, while fish and other marine oils only contain two. It’s also the only significant source of ETA (eicosatetraenoic acid), an important anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil is rich in phospholipids … an important source of omega-3 fatty acids. Phospholipids are better absorbed and are more resistant to oxidation. A 1997 study published in Inflammopharmacology states phospholipids make Green Lipped Mussel Oil 158 times more effective than fish oil.



Safe-Sea contains Ahiflower, a plant derived source of important omega fatty acids. Ahiflower contains GLA, an omega-6 fat associated with skin health and reduced inflammation. Ahiflower contains 60% more GLA (gamma linolenic acid) than hemp oil.

Ahiflower also contains more SDA (stearidonic acid) than any other plant source. SDA is a precursor for EPA, the anti-inflammatory omega-3 found in fish oils.

While Green Lipped Mussel Oil is one of the most complete sources of omega-3s, adding the GLA and SDA from Ahiflower makes Safe-Sea a compete, premium oil for dogs.



Because Green Lipped Mussels feed on phytoplankton, they’re not as easily contaminated with mercury, PCBs and dioxins like salmon, herring and other fish. They’re also grown in clean waters. Green Lipped Mussel oil is strictly controlled by the New Zealand government to ensure the supply is high quality and sustainable.

Our Green Lipped Mussels are carefully freeze dried and never heated to stabilize the delicate oils. Every batch of Safe-Sea Green Lipped Mussels is independently tested for heavy metals, PCBs and toxins.

Our Ahiflower is non-GMO and grown in the UK and PEI under strict environmental regulations. Every batch is tested to be free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Directions For Use

Body Weight Amount Per Day
1 – 25 lbs 1/2 Teaspoon
26 – 50 lbs 3/4 Teaspoon
51 – 75 lbs  1 Teaspoon
76 – 100 lbs 1 1/2 Teaspoon
101 + lbs 2 Teaspoons

Healthy dogs: Give once daily.

For immune challenged dogs: Give twice daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

It can be added/mixed into your pet’s daily meals or directly into dog’s mouth.


Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.


Refrigerate after opening.


What makes SAFE-SEA red?

SAFE-SEA’s bold red and orange color comes from a powerful antioxidant called astaxanthin.

Because oils can oxidize when exposed to lights and oxygen, it creates unhealthy free radicals/reactive oxygen species in your dog.

Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals and the damage they can cause and are an important component of any fish oil.

With the help of antioxidants, free radicals can neutralize and resist causing damage . This is a crucial part of any fish oil.

The antioxidants in our astaxanthin are rich and potent.

In fact, they are 500 times stronger than vitamin E and 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C.

We’ve taken every extra precaution to make sure Safe-Sea is fresh, safe and effective.

Can I replace my fish oil with SAFE-SEA?

Yes! Four Leaf Rover feels SAFE-SEA is more beneficial than fish oil because it contains more fatty acids … about 10 times more! Green Lipped Mussel is also more bioavailable than fish oil.

Green Lipped Mussel also has a superpower called phospholipids. Phospholipids make Green Lipped Mussel more bioavailable than fish oil. In one study published in Inflammopharmacology by Whitehouse et al (1997), researchers found that this bioavailability shows green lipped mussel oil is 247 times stronger than salmon oil.

The truth is, marine oils lack GLA. This is an important anti-inflammatory omega fat. But Ahiflower in Safe-Sea is a rich source of GLA. It has 60% more GLA than hempseed oil.

What makes Safe-Sea better than fish oil and other marine oils?

Green lipped mussels contain phospholipids, which makes its omega fats much more bioavailable – so you can give much less than fish oil. Green lipped mussel oil is also the only significant source of an important fatty acid called ETA. Safe-Sea also contains ahiflower, which is a fatty acid only found in some plants that supports a healthy immune response.

I have an older dog with joint problems, will Safe-Sea help?

The omega-3 fatty acids in Safe-Sea can help support healthy joints. For extra support, we recommend combining Safe-Sea with Green Eggs.

Why does SAFE-SEA contain Ahiflower?

Ahiflower is there to provide SAFE-SEA with a healthy helping of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid).

GLA is an anti-inflammatory fatty acid that is lacking in most marine oils. GLA has been shown to help decrease pain and stiff mobility associated with issues like arthritis. As a bonus, it helps support a healthy skin and coat.

Could I just use fresh or powdered mussels instead?

Although we use GLM (Green Lipped Mussel) powder in Green Rover, Safe-Sea is a source of omega fats. GLM oil is a far more concentrated source of fats – your dog would need 15X more powder to get the same amount of beneficial omega fats.

Also, many green lipped mussel powders have healthy fats removed. The leftover powder is sold as pet supplements but is missing the important fatty acids. And, by the way, the GLM powder we use in Green Eggs is tested to contain a high, natural fat content. We would never use discarded GLM “meal.”

Is SAFE-SEA eco-friendly?

Four Leaf Rover Green Lipped Mussels are grown in bays in New Zealand. They hang on ropes in pristine waters and are ready to harvest in 12 to 18 months. They filter phytoplankton from the water and need no other food, which means their farming has zero impact on the environment. They don’t eat anything needed by other sea creatures because there is always phytoplankton in water.

Ahiflower is non-GMO and is sustainably growing in the UK and PEI. Every batch is fully traceable and tested to be free of pesticides, heavy metals, PCBs and other toxins.

How does Safe-Sea compare to Phytoplankton?

Because Green Lipped Mussels feed on phytoplankton, they deliver the same fats and benefits … but in a much more concentrated form that’s very bioavailable. While phytoplankton gives your dog only a very small amount of omega fats, Safe-Sea provides your dog with a much larger supply with comparable bioavailability.

How much EPA is in SAFE-SEA?

A typical fish oil supplement provides about 180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA. Those are the only two fats. On the other hand, Safe-Sea contains over 30 fatty acids, which makes it 158 times more effective than fish oil and 247 times more effective than salmon oil. (Inflammopharmacology Whitehouse et al 1997).

While green lipped mussel contains about half the amount of EPA as fish oil, it contains EPA and DHA precursors, ETA and SDA. These two fatty acids are easily converted to EPA and DHA – when your dog needs it. This reduces the risk of giving your dog too much EPA. ETA also carries its own anti-inflammatory benefits and is missing from fish oil.

This makes Safe-Sea not only safe for the oceans, but safe for your dog.

What’s the difference between SAFE-SEA and fish oil?

1. SAFE-SEA contains the same fatty acids (EPA and DHA) as fish oil. But it also contains SDA and ETA, and both can be converted to EPA and DHA when needed. This is a safer alternative since too much EPA can cause bleeding disorders in your dog. With Safe-Sea, your dog converts only what he needs. Plus, ETA has anti-inflammatory benefits of its own but is not found in fish oil.

2. The fats in Safe-Sea’s green lipped mussels are more complete and more bioavailable. EPA from fish oil needs to be converted by enzymes and this process is very inefficient. The fats in green lipped mussel are much more bioavailable because of its phospholipid content. In fact, a 1997 study in Inflammopharmacology found that green lipped mussel is 158 more effective at reducing inflammation than fish oil. This is why you only need a small amount of Safe-Sea … and it’s why you can’t judge Safe-Sea by its EPA and DHA content alone. This is reported in fish oil because it’s the only two fatty acids it contains. (See research below)

SAFE-SEA can’t be judged by its EPA and DHA content alone. This is true for fish oil because these are the only two fatty acids it has. (See research below)

3. SAFE-SEA contains GLA, which is not found in marine oils. GLA is an important anti-inflammatory fat that also supports a healthy skin and coat. It’s found in Ahiflower, hemp and evening primrose oils. We included Ahiflower in Safe-Sea since it’s the richest source of GLA with 60% more than hempseed oil, the second richest source.

Why is there Olive Oil in SAFE-SEA?

Olive oil is a natural antioxidant and is a healthy source of fats for dogs.

Why does Safe-Sea not come with an eye dropper to administer like the CBD oil?

The short answer is oxygen.

The fatty acids in fish and maringe oils (and Safe-sea) are delicate and can oxidize when its exposed to oxygen.

The oxidization of fats can cause damage to your dog’s cell membranes which can then cause inflammation, which we don’t want.

The rubber bulb of a dropper lets oxygen through and you cannot squeeze all of the oil out, so the oil would sit in the dropper and oxidize.

We know a dropper would be more convenient, but we value your dog’s health, that’s why we don’t recommend using a dropper with SAFE-SEA.

Should I put SAFE-SEA in the fridge?

Green Lipped Mussels are already rich in antioxidants and Four Leaf Rover has added astaxanthin, so, Safe-Sea could be stored in a cool, dark place. But if you have room in your fridge, it will ensure the oils are as effective as possible. If the bottle is open for more than 30 days, then it’s a good idea to place Safe-Sea in the fridge.


Research Mentioned In The Content Above:

Whitehouse, M W et al. “Anti-inflammatory activity of a lipid fraction (lyprinol) from the NZ green-lipped mussel.” Inflammopharmacology vol. 5,3 (1997): 237-46.

Hielm-Björkman, Anna et al. “Evaluating Complementary Therapies for Canine Osteoarthritis Part I: Green-lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus).” Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM vol. 6,3 (2009): 365-73.

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  1. Denise (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    Switched to Safe-Sea after my dog was no longer tolerating regular fish oil. Noticed an improvement in his coat and overall health. Thanks for another great product!

  2. Rebecca Imhoff (verified owner)

    usOhio, United States

    Always a speedy delivery. Thank you

  3. Annabelle Beal (verified owner)

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    Amazing speedy delivery!

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  5. MARY KAY GOBLE (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

    My order was delivered in a very timely manor and after trying other products, such as fish oils, this is the first formula my girl has no objection to!!!

  6. Denise (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    after trying numerous fish oils and omega treats, I finally found the one that doesn’t cause diarrhea! Great improvement in skin and coat!

  7. Rinna Choi (verified owner)

    krGyeonggi-do, South Korea

  8. Kimberley (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Easy to order and product delivered quickly. I will definitely order again!

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    My dog loves them!

  10. jan cleary

    usOhio, United States

    Mooshiepets, is one of the best customer service companies I’ve dealt with since going raw for my puppy!


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